Why Our Grandparents Where Building Their Homes By Themselves?

Cob houses have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They were the most common method of building in Asia, Central and North Africa, Europe and even in Central America. This method is not new to us, yet people are still very skeptic about using it for their homes. Because the primary materials [...]

The Most Financial Friendly House You’ll Ever Have

Cob houses are the best option when it comes to expenses. There is basically nothing cheaper than building a house using materials that come from your backyard and locally purchases. You should always decide what kind of a home to build based on what you can find in your own backyard . For instance if [...]

Save Money By Having An Energy Efficient Home

Whenever people first hear about cob houses, their primal fears is that it will be cold, wet and dirty inside.  Because cob walls allow air to circulate from inside to outside,  cob houses regulate indoor temperatures really well. Cob stores heat during the day inside the walls, keeping your house nice and cool. By nightfall [...]