Don’t Have Money To Buy A House?

Discover the forgotten cob building technique that will help you build on a low budget your beautiful and safe home!

Hi my name is Christian and in the next 5 minutes I will reveal to you:

  1. How to build your dream home in a few months with little money invested using this unique building technique
  2. Why the corrupt banks are hiding from you this ancient building method
  3. The three biggest mistakes that you should avoid when building with cob

Before diving into the cob building techniques let me ask you a question:

Have you ever asked yourself why houses are so expensive nowadays?

…. and you have to work 25 years or more to pay the mortgage, while our ancestors were working ONLY TWO MONTHS to build their homes! They were building it by themselves with little or no money invested!

This  is the question my clients need to answer before asking me to build their cob homes.

fat catYou see, the big prices are because of the big fat cats that are calling themselves today, bank managers. Each day they go to work they decide my future, your future, and your children’s future.

When banks are among the biggest investors in our today’s economy they practically decide what needs to be developed and what needs to be forgotten by our society.

Each year, banks are creating lots of money that can be invested in useful things for our society, but they are doing the contrary. 75% of the money they have, they invest in properties and speculation. This phenomenon led to:


In 1952 in UK, the average price for a house was 1,900 pounds. Now, it’s around 180,000 pounds. If the house prices would have kept in line with the average income, the average house prices should be at 88,000 pounds.

That’s a 100,000 pounds difference that appeared out of nowhere, money that you have to borrow from the same banks to buy your home. And you will have to pay interest for that money for the next, let’s say 25 years, and the 100,000 will transform most probably in 250,000 on the long run.

The bank will reinvest YOUR money in buying more houses…

thus raising the house prices again, so that your children will have to pay double the amount you already paid.

And this story goes on, every single year, in each country from this planet.

It doesn’t matter if you are living in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India… you are now trapped in this corrupt system of the banks.

And in the same way these fat cats, decided you should be a part of their corrupt system, they also decided that you should forget one big secret, the most important thing that can destroy their evil plan:

You can build your own home with as little as $500 using an easy cob building technique that our ancestors used to buildtheir homes with.

And you don’t have to work like a slave for the next 25 years, to pay off the corrupt banks, for something that should be your right to have:  a place to live. A place where you can live all the joys of your life and see your children grow.

Who am I to make such claims?

Before diving into explaining this technique, and how you can use it to build your dream home, let me reveal a few words about me. This will give you a clear picture on how I got to help people escape this crazy “rat race”, by building their cob homes.

Like I said my name is Christian, and I’m an authorized construction engineer specialized in building eco friendly houses.

Eleven years ago I was stuck in the same rat race like you are now, but worse!

I was struggling to pay my mortgage and I felt I was drowning in debt. My life became more and more stressful and my wife and I couldn’t see a solution to our problems.

Everything peaked when the bank took our home. In 30 days we were thrown on the streets. I cannot describe how I felt back then. No place to go… It was horrible. I had to live in a caravan for the next 2 years.


When I look back, all I can say is this:

“This is one of the best things that could have happened to me because I soon discovered a new life!”

A life with no worries, with joyful moments every day. A life that worth living each moment, each second.

Back then I was a teacher and I was doing a thesis on Great Wall of China and I was very intrigued. Why this old monument that can be seen even from the Moon, is still standing when it has lots of parts made from earth?

I started documenting about building with earth and I soon discovered that:

Almost one third of our planet population is still living in earth homes

Most of the earth homes are in the Middle East and Africa. An example is the town Shibam from Yemen, which is fully built from earth and its tall buildings are the ancestors of our current skyscrapers:


In Europe there are many earth buildings. In fact half of the population from Eastern Europe is still living in earth homes. In UK there are cob houses that are still standing even though they are 500 years old.

In US cob homes can be found on the eastern coast, but:

99% of the population got scammed by the banks and forgot the simple fact that they can easily build their comfortable and secure home even with $500.

Motivated by this anger against the banks and in pursue of my freedom, I started studying construction and in a few years I got accredited for building civilian constructions. During this time I studied our ancestor’s way of building with earth and I adapted it to our current way of living and comfort.

I also read all of the discussions from the web forums, that I could find, and I discovered that most of the cob builders were making the following 3 mistakes…

The 3 biggest mistakes that you should avoid when building your cob home:

Mistake no. #1: Failing to design the house for the area where you are going to build it

This is the biggest mistake where most of the cob builders fail. When designing your home you should take into account the area where you are going to place it. Is it in the mountains? Is it on the hills? Are earthquakes frequent in your area?  What materials do you have around your area? Stones, lumber?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself long before starting to draw the first line on your house plan.

It should be easy to understand that if you are in a mountain area, the lumber and the stones should be easier to get and much cheaper, thus you should be considering adding more lumber and stones to your house structure. If you are on seaside… lumber and stones might be significantly expensive and you should consider adding more cob into your house structure.

The materials you use into your home structure will dramatically influence your building budget and if you want to keep the costs to a minimum without messing up the home safety, then you should be considering using the local building materials.

The budget is also directly influenced by the house size, and this is the second trap for most of the inexperienced cob builders.

Mistake no #2: Over sizing your home, when planning

I’m not going to discuss how big a house should be, since this is something relative to each person’s comfort but what I want you to understand is this:

You can easily add extra rooms in the near future.

That’s one of the amazing benefits of cob building. You can easily modify your home in the future. The classic mistake is when people “are thinking for the future”.

And the logic behind this is something like this: “We are planning to have 2 more kids and we want to build some extra rooms for them, for the moment when they will grow up”. I’m not going to argue this idea either, since this is not the point.

All I want you to understand is the fact that 60% of the people I’ve built cob houses for, got stuck into this idea, and they oversized their homes in a way that they didn’t have the money to build it anymore.

Don’t get stuck between the present and the future!

Before thinking about building your cob home, spend a few minutes thinking about yourself, and how many things you really need at this moment. There is no need to invest in something that you won’t use in the first place.

The good thing is that after talking to the future owners, and explaining how easy it is to build an extra room, they all started small, and then added extra rooms as they needed. More than this after they’ve seen how I’ve built their home, they all built the extensions by themselves!

Over sizing the homes usually happen because most of the people have the wrong mindset, which leads us to the next trap:

Mistake no #3: Starting with the wrong mindset

You need to change your way of thinking and the way you see life before starting to build a cob house. If you build your home holding on to the same ideas that your life was based on until now, you are not on the right track.

For example someone asked me…

“How much does a cob house cost?”

This specific person saw on TV rich people building their homes eco friendly and spending $100,000 to $1500,000 and he believed that building a cob home will require him to spend somewhere at $100,000 at least.

There is a short and very wise answer to this question: “How long is a piece of string?”

Your cob house can cost as much or as little you have to spend on it. You are the only one who decides this… not your corrupt fat cat, bank manager. The basic organic materials, clay, straw, sand are very cheap and you can find most of them on your land.

And there’s more…

Each day, our society throws huge amounts of excellent building materials into dumpsters. I’ve found every building material you can imagine for FREE. Huge amounts of quality lumber, marble, bathroom sinks… and so on. Because cob is so malleable you can always use odd salvaged windows/doors and wood. For example you can use an old car window if you want. You don’t need to buy a new window if you cannot afford. You can get that car window basically for FREE from the scrap yard and after you finish building the home you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Do you get the picture?

You need to think different.

I’ve seen cob homes built with as little as $500 and I’ve seen homes build with $30,000. It’s a matter of what YOU want and you are the only one who is going to decide how the home will look like.

Here’s another example:

Have you seen someone baking bread?

Building with cob is much like baking bread. The mixture is so easy to make, just like cooking bread:

based on a recipe, you gather the ingredients, you add water, you mix it, you shape the cob in the way you like it and leave it to the sun to cook or just place it on the wooden frame.

It’s EASY and also FUN, no wonder that people are so happy when working with cob:

The same joy I felt when I built my first cob home…. It was an average size home, with one living room, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and 2 bedrooms. Notice I said “my first cob home”?

Because it is so easy and cheap to build it, you will afford to build as many houses you will like. If you want, you can easily build a new house every year! But that will be madness, if you are not a building constructor like me.

I want you to be crazy! Crazy enough to start building your first cob home as soon as possible.

Don’t spend all your life working to pay the bank loans, and get caught into this evil plan of the corrupt banks.  You can now start building your family a better and healthier future.

I started building my home with only $1500 in my pocket!

After, I built my first home, I started studying more and more about my new hobby. I finished “School of Architecture, Design & Construction” in the top 5% graduates and since then I built more than 30 cob homes for people like you and me.

During this time, a lot of people asked me to recommend books that can help them build their first cob home. They all wanted:

  • A guide that is easy to understand, don’t need to have any special skills
  • A building technique simple to use, something that can be done in 2 people, and not require to hire other people
  • The cob house should be properly designed for their area
  • Should have lots of images, tools lists, and clear to do lists
  • Should be price affordable

Although most of the books that are available on internet are good for beginners, they fail to include all the above requirements.

More than this some of them are missing basic building information and are written by inexperienced people that are not “accredited builders”.

This is why I decided to write:

 “How to build your cob home, the easy way”

This new way of building homes is based on a deep understanding of cob building techniques that were used by our ancestors to build great things that survived more than seven hundred years. This method is adapted to our current way of living thus giving us the comfort we need every day of our lives:

  • It helps you choose the best type of cob house, that fits in your area
  • It protects you to not oversize your project and get stuck between your dreams and reality of building your home
  • It helps you to develop the right mindset of a cob builder
  • It FORCES you to exit this hoax planned by the banks, by giving you the tools and the motivation you need to start as soon as possible.

Above all this, it’s fun and easy as baking bread.

Here is just a tiny preview of what you are going to discover today:

  • How to build your own home exactly like you always dreamt it
  • How to engage your family and your friends in building your home and make this project one of the best experience from your life!
  • How to choose the right spot to build your home and why is this so important
  • How to keep your building costs to a minimum and avoid oversizing your home
  • The list of tools you need to start building with cob
  • How to build your home with ZERO energy consumption and pollution
  • The 7 important steps you need to do before even planning your home project
  • How to benefit from the right mindset of a cob builder and how to avoid thinking like “everybody else”
  • The most common mistakes (THE FULL LIST) you need to avoid when creating your home project
  • How to test the soil and see if it has the right ingredients for cob mixtures
  • What are the most used cob mixes and how to make each one of them
  • The two cob recipes that will have an amazing impact on your health
  • The difference between basic cob building and building with adobe bricks
  • How to plan your building project in 5 easy steps
  • How to deal with earthquakes and make your home stand out even after the worst earthquake
  • How to get the right foundation for your home
  • The pros and the cons for the three types of building I recommend:
    • Cob and wooden frame structure
    • Adobe bricks structure
    • Plain cob structure
  • … and how to choose the best method for your project
  • How to build the walls in just four days
  • How to build a roof that will last a lifetime
  • How to insulate your home and what are the best materials you can use
  • How to easily restore, repair or remodel your house

And much, much more, basically everything you need to know to start building your cob home

I recommend this book to anyone that can’t afford to buy a house

“I recommend this book to anyone that can’t afford to buy a house. As a grandmother of 3 and mother of 2, I know how much young people struggle for bills and food and taxes. Both my sons are in their mid-30s and they used to struggle so much to make ends meet. I felt so bad that I couldn’t help them because my pension is so small and I am not able to work anymore because my health is not that good. All I could do was to search for some kind of solution for them when I heard about the cheap and secure cob houses. With the little money I had I bought this cob building book and I’m so very glad I did. I had a piece of extra land in the country side which I wanted to build a house on and give it to my children to live a good life there. Of course I could never afford hiring a construction team to build one.  A cob house is the only option we have now and my older son already started building the foundation after reading your book. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us!” (MRS Salma Jenson, 61 years old, grandmother, Omaha, NE)

What is different about “How to build your cob home, the easy way”?

  • Ancient technique adapted to our current standard of living
  • Lots of pictures depicting each stage of building your home
  • Fully explained
  • To do lists for each step
  • Tools list for each task
  • Tested in every country you can think of.

This book has everything I need to get started

“This book has everything I need to get started. Even if you’re only starting out with cob or if you know everything about cob, the book covers all you need to know – foundation, walls, cob mixes and recipes, roofing, flooring, plastering – every aspect of house building is present in this book.  This is the answer to natural and healthy living for us. You don’t need to get into debt to build a house that makes you sick and drains your bank accounts. You can live in a beautiful cob house that will make you happy and you don’t have to wait until you’re old to live this dream. “ (James, 27 years old, shop assistant, Richmond, VA)

How to get “How to build your cob home, the easy way

I got lots of questions from my friends asking me why I don’t sell my book for a higher price…. And they are right, considering the amount of work and experience that you can find in my book, you could easily consider it one of your best investments:

  • This book will help you exit the rat race
  • Will protect you from being a slave to the banks
  • Will bring joy, health to you and your family

All of these by guiding you through the process of building on a low budget your own cob home.

This book is a huge forward jump in your life:

You could spend years of documenting and studying construction, or you can benefit from all my knowledge in 5 minutes, starting this moment.

Yes, I could easily ask lots of money BUT I WON’T DO THAT.  The reason I wrote this book was, to help as many people to outsmart the system created by the corrupt fat banks.

With this in mind I will only ask a small investment of $57. With the money I earn from my books I will continue my research and keep this website up.

But wait!

If you order from this page, right now, you will get a $10 discount. This will bring down the price to only $47.00 and you will be also qualified for today’s special offer:

Get These Goodies if you order today (worth: $50)

Goodie #1: Amazing gardens for little money (worth 29.99, yours FREE)

Did you know that you can turn your garden into a productive relaxing and good looking piece of heaven using whatever you have laying around your house?

You don’t need to invest a lot of money into this and you don’t need to hire an expert to do your design and gardening for you. No matter of how small your garden is, you can have your vegetables and herbs growing with little effort. Here’s what you are going to discover inside this book:

  • How to match your garden design according to the terrain
  • What plants to grow and how to mix them
  • How to use permaculture tricks and arrange your garden into different ways: keyhole, spiral, vertical walls, etc.
  • How to build walls in your garden from cob, rock and wood
  • How to design beautiful and affordable paths between your plants
  • How to build relaxation zone

And much, much more, everything you need to transform your garden intro a piece of heaven!

Goodie #2: How to build your cob oven, the wasy way(worth: $19.99, yours FREE)

You can cook a pizza in a minute and a half… 2 minutes… depending in the temperature. You can even cook a sardine in a minute and a half! Crispy skin all over, garlic, olive oil, lemon…. It’s just amazing!

You have never tasted a rose potato until you really taste one, baked into a cob oven, absolutely incredible.

Us humans, we lost the instinct and patience of controlling fire. We got used with electrical ovens so much that we now think that everything happens at a push of a button. Start, stop, start stop… Because of this…

We forgot how important the process of cooking is

Cooking the food in the wrong way, will almost kill all the nutrients thus making the food poison to your body when it should be a medicine…. And let’s not forget about the taste…

Cooking in a cob oven is very evocative, you got the smoke touching the food… if you put a stew in there, the way that the smoke goes around it, it gives it that extra soft, hidden, seasoning of smoke, which is incredible..

These cob ovens will also give you the chance to taste food with a little bit of flavor of history.

An oven like the one I explain in this book, it can be bought already made from the market with around $1200 – $1500, this is how much cob ovens are appreciated by people who like eating healthy and tasty food. You can get this book for FREE today, and you can build your own cob oven in a few hours. You don’t need any experience at all, it’s so simple that a 7 years old kid can do it J and actually they are doing this, at least mine did.

IMPORTANT: Reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate or delay:

1. House prices are rising daily and threatening to create new records

The rising house prices will also increase the prices for pretty much everything that is close related to house:

  • Land properties
  • Construction materials
  • Tools
  • Workforce
  • Furniture

and the list goes on…

If you don’t start today you will need a higher budged tomorrow!

2. I’m giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to start building your own cob home as soon as possible.

3. There is no risk. By ordering today you are fully protected by my 60 Days Money Back Smiley Guarantee

Here’s how it works:

“How to build your cob home, the easy way” is 100% guaranteed for the whole 60 days. Take your time to read the books and absorb the information. If you find that the information isn’t suitable, simply send me an email at and I will refund all your money with a smile. (You don’t have to fight to get your money back!) I will also refund your money if you decide not to build your cob home, or you just don’t have the time.

Build your own perfect home!

Order today RISK FREE even if it’s 2 a.m.
60 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Complete details of “How to build your cob home, the easy way”:

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GuaranteeIs there a guarantee?

SupportDo I get any support?

Is this compatible both for PC and Macs?: Short answer: Yes it is!

Format: You will get an ebook. This is a book in PDF file format. But it’s not your average run of the mill book. It’s been professionally written and designed.

Delivery: The information is delivered via the Internet. You are taken to a download page where you get very, very detailed instructions (the page itself is worth seeing) on how to download the e-book.

Payment Methods: You can pay via credit card, via Paypal, and via online cheque. All payments are made through which is the biggest online retailer of digital products

Currency: All payments are in US Dollars. the system will convert the USD amount to your own currency when you get your credit card statement. In some cases, depending on where you’re from, you may be able to see the conversion rate in your own currency before you pay (this feature is not available for all currencies).

Is there a special? The price is the same for all our customers. There’s no special for any country.

Compatibility: Is this information compatible both for Mac and PCs. Yes it is.

Guarantee: Yes there is a guarantee. It’s a 60 days ‘Smiley Guarantee’.

This means we’ll refund your money with a smile if you find the products not to be as you expected. The smile is important. If you don’t feel the information works for you, we will issue a prompt refund. All you have to do is email me at:

Support: Yes, I will be here answering to all your questions and guiding you each step through the building process of your cob home.

This book is very well structured and I would personally recommend it

 “This book is very well structured and I would personally recommend it, especially if like me, you never build anything with cob before. I had no idea if this book would be easy to understand if you’re new to cobbing, but I’m glad I bought it because even the technical stuff is very understandable. Deep down I always wanted to build a cob house but after reading this I KNOW it’s the best choice and I feel that nothing will stand in my way. Go cob!” (Nathan, 38 years old, accountant, Canada)

Boy was I a long way from reality

“I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your book so much that I will definitely start getting my hands dirty very soon. I just heard about cob a few weeks ago in a conversation and I have to say I really knew nothing about what it was all about. I was very new to this domain and it didn’t seem a good idea to me to build a mud house because it would wash out at the first rainfall. Boy was I a long way from reality. I finally know now that cobbing is truly a very natural, healthy, cheap and secure way of building a house, and not just that.  I am saving money now to buy a piece of land and start applying what I just learned. Of course, I’ll keep reading because you can never know too much, but your book was the starting point for me. Keep it up and I hope you write more books!” (Carrie, Orlando, FL)

Build your own perfect home!

Order today RISK FREE even if it’s 2 a.m.
60 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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